Stock Hill recipe secrets revealed

Peter Hauser’s recipes have been sought after by the guests at Stock Hill for years. Peter has always been reticent to reveal his culinary secrets, but now, following more demand than ever, he has capitulated and provided a series of exciting, classic Stock Hill recipes for you to try. The only problem is you need to be Peter Hauser to create some of them, as they can be astoundingly difficult to replicate. However, for those of you that experiment and fail but persevere with the task, the wait will almost certainly be worthwhile, as the end product offers tastes and culinary sensations beyond compare.

We are publishing new recipes when Peter has the spare time to write them down. As the hotel and restaurant is so popular this is not quite as often as we would all like, but do come back to the site every so often to check for any exciting new additions.



The recipe for this delightful and unique Austrian delicacy was handed down to me by my mother. It originates from the time when she was in service to Baroness Muskatzimerle Buchskandl.  Serve it when you have friends round for Christmas tea, I guarantee they will never forget you! We always serve Muskatzimerle at Stock Hill at Christmastime..

A tray of Muskatzimerle in front of Stock Hill's blazing log fire

500g unblanched, shelled almonds (chopped)
120 g chopped mixed peel  
500 g caster sugar
5 g ground cinnamon
5 g ground cardamom
5 g ground nutmeg
grated rind of two lemons
4 heaped tablespoons of plain flour
6 medium eggs

6 tablespoons of raspberry jam
6 tablespoons redcurrant jam

Glazed Icing topping

icing sugar
lemon juice
egg white

2 sheets of rice paper
enough to cover tray)



Butter and dust with flour a deep oblong baking tin (270mm x 410mm x 30mm deep)
Heat oven to 180ºC (Gas Mark 4.5)
Mix together all the ingredients to form a paste.
Spread half the paste mixture on the buttered base of the tin.
Cover with the two sheets of rice paper to form a single layer.
Spread with the mixture of raspberry and redcurrant jams.
Spread the remaining paste mixture over the jam.
Bake slowly for about 30 minutes in the middle of a medium oven (180ºC).
Glaze with the lemon icing topping.
Cut into small pieces while still warm.

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